Stock and custom made Beetle and Bus looms for all Types of aircooled VW

Type 1, 2, 3, 34 and Barndoor stock looms

All our looms are built in house to order utilising modern thin wall cable, quality brass terminals and oil/petrol and flame retardant Pvc sleeving as standard.

We can also include any extra circuits, whether for gauges, tow bar, leisure or fire suppression. Extra circuits are built into the loom so there is no need for separate unsightly cables running under the vehicle.

Which loom?

The choice of loom may seem as simple as what year the vehicle was produced and for what country. And yes this would make our job a lot simpler, but from experience of fitting owner/restorer sourced looms we know that sometimes this can be a problem. Vehicles produced for the US market differ from ones produced for the European market, so when a US spec vehicle is imported to the UK the wiring and fittings can need modification and additional circuits to meet UK requirements. For this reason we require customers to fill out our vehicle details form as a first point of contact, this allows us to assess your vehicle and also tells us whether we need to discuss further options. This process allows us to make sure your new loom exactly meets your requirements and matches your specifications

The vehicle details form can be found by hovering over the ‘LOOMS’ heading on the menu bar

Looms overview

– Stock and custom looms

– All made in house

– Quality brass terminals

– Original VW colour scheme

– Year and origin specific variations

– Starter relay as standard (baywindow)

– Oil, petrol and flame retardant Pvc sleeving

– Blade fuse upgrade looms

Blade fuse upgrade looms

SPLITSCREENvw splitscreen blade fuse box loom harness upgradevw splitscreen blade fuse box loom harness





We know that the original VW fuse box when maintained is certainly fit for the job, but a lot of peoples general experience is one of trouble, this is why we designed our blade fuse upgrade looms.

Built around our in house designed 3D printed fuse panel, the looms are simple, tidy and safe.  All our splitscreen and baywindow  fuseboxes have intergrated relay sockets and whereas some of the original stock fuse panels used single fuses to protect multiple circuits, all our units provide individual fuse protection for all permanent live and switched live circuits.  Each fuse panel is hard wired utilising busbars which alleviates connection issues common with traditional spade terminals and all our fusepanels come complete with a protective cover.

We have kept to the original VW colour scheme for easy circuit identification and we use modern thin wall cable tidily housed in oil, petrol and flame retardant pvc sleeving. All end terminals are brass (where possible).

We supply an inbuilt starter relay on our bay window looms as standard and with all our looms we can incorporate any number of extra circuits for split charge systems and gauges Etc.

Stereo and charge point circuits are included as standard and these can also be wired to be powered from your leisure battery if required. This option gives you piece of mind that you can use your stereo when parked up or camping without jeopardising the starter battery. .

Our 3D printed Baywindow fusepanels are designed to be located in a practical and accessible location, similar to the later type 2 VWs.

Our 3D printed Splitscreen, Beetle and Ghia fusepanels have been designed to fit into the original fusepanel location and secure in place with a self tapping screw.

Currently in the pipeline are bladefuse looms for 1303 super beetle and all model Type 3’s

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